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Limit the number of participants at your event, maintain contact lists and control visitor admission. Fast and easy with QuickTicket.



Keine Zahlungsmöglichkeiten

QuickTicket wurde zur einfachen Handhabung der damaligen Covid Auflagen entwickelt.

Während damit Platzbeschränkungen und Anmeldelisten sehr einfach umgesetzt werden können, fehlt z.B. die Möglichkeit, Tickets kostenpflichtig anzubieten.


QuickTicket Events

For Events with Limited Spots 

Church services, conferences, sports events, ...

  • Limitation of the number of visitors
  • Simple invitation process via registration link
  • Optional: seat reservation

QuickTicket Locations

For Public Events and Locations

Events, cinemas, bars, clubs, ...

  • Admission control via QR-Scan
  • No advance booking necessary
  • Overview of the current number of guests

QuickTicket Tables

For Restuarants

Restaurants, gastronomy, gymnastic festivals, ...

  • Quick registration of guests per table via QR-Scan
  • Guests enter their data themselves
  • Mobile number verified through SMS code

NEW! Self - Check-In!

Visitors and guests can now also register themselves independently (incl. coming and going, table number, ...)

This function is available for "Locations" and "Tables" and is optional.


Great app, events are quickly set up. Easy operation, first-class support.




Open the web app in any standard browser using your SmartPhone, Tablet or PC. No installation necessary.


No knick-knacks. Just the essentials, making it possible for you to monitor the number of participants and give proof to the authorities if necessary.

Data Protection Compliant

The event and user data will be saved for a total 14 days after the event before it gets automatically deleted.

Keep a Contact List

Registered guests' names and contact details are saved in the app. You can either view this contact list in the app itself or export it for verification purposes.

Guest Admission with QR-Code

Verify your guests at the entrance by scanning their QR-Code. This way you will always know how many people were actually at the event.

Seat Reservation

Create your room plan with just a few clicks and let visitors select and reserve the seats of their choice.


The app is available in German, French and English.

QuickTicket is constantly being developed and improved:

Updates und Novelties

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CHF 19

per month

Ideal for small to medium sized organizations

10 events per month

50 participants per event

1 location

50 simultaneous visitors per location

10 tables / location

Export contact list


CHF 29

per month

The subscription of choice for larger organizations

50 events per month

500 participants per event

3 locations

500 simultaneous visitors per location

50 tables / location

Export contact list


CHF 49

per month

Everything and even more

100 events per month

1000 participants per event

5 locations

1000 simultaneous visitors per location

100 tables / location

Export contact list

Import pre-registrations

Seat reservation & plan designer

Own QR/Barcodes

Free of charge for participants. Can be cancelled at any time.

Larger packages and extensions on request.

All SMS are included in the subscription. No hidden costs!



per month

Use basic functions free of charge

Up to 5 events per month

25 participants per event

1 location

25 simultaneous visitors per location

5 tables / location


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