Import Pre-Registration

... and own QR / Barcodes

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Practical function to import and register invited guests, staff or people who have registered via other means (telephone, other system, ...).


  1. Open the event you want to pre-register visitors for

  2. Click on "Pre-Registration"

  3. Click on "Import" to upload an Excel (xlsx) file (see format below)
    --- or ---
    Click on "Add" to manually add visitors

  4. As soon as the list is ready, you can start the import by clicking "Register All"!



  • If the email address is given, the visitor will receive an email with his ticket

  • If an error occurs (e.g. the same email address was given twice / seat number, or seat already occupied, etc), the registration process is canceled. All successfully registered visitors will, at that point, already have been removed from the list. This means you can resolve the error and continue the registration process.



The Excel file requires the column names in the top row, and all the data in the following rows. The following columns are available:

  • Name (required): The name (usually "first name") of the person.
    Several people can be entered, seperated with a comma (the spaces before or after the comma do not matter).
  • Email (optional): The email address of the person. If specified, the ticket will be sent to this email.
  • Phone (optional): Phone number
  • Postal code (optional)
  • Seat (for events that require seat reservations): The seat number (as with "Name", several seat numbers can be entered, separated by commas)
  • Code (optional): Own Qr-/Barcode. Important: Only one person/registration may use the same code per event.



QR codes and barcodes (Code 39) are supported by the scanner.

This makes it possible to, for example, use existing identity cards as "tickets" and to scan them upon entry.