If you create events quite often (maybe recurring ones) and you don't want to repeatedly send your visitors the most recent registration link, you can create your own "Organizer Page" listing all (selected and future) events. This way, you only have to share or re-publish this one link, and everyone will immediately see when they can register to new events.



  1. Open the app and go to "Settings" under /Account

  2. There you can enter the name and a description of your organization

  3. Further you can help create the last part of the link to your page: Choose the "Slug", ideally this would be an abbreviation that your visitors recognize. As long as it's still available and complies with the rules, there are no limits to what your own personal URL can be.

  4. If everything works, the URL will be displayed. Save your settings.

  5. At the events (when creating and editing) you will now see a new switch, which allows you to choose whether or not this specific event should be visible on the page.



  • We recommend creating the URL once and not changing it afterwards, as your visitors might have already saved it in their bookmarks.