Where guests are seated at tables and need to be registered, QuickTicket Tables is perfect. 


1. Guests create pass (one time!)

2. Check-In

3. Check-Out


With "Self - Check-In", guests register themselves (analogous to step 1), steps 2 and 3 are thus omitted.

Kanton Bern: Neue Verordnung für Restaurants

Ab dem 10. Mai 2021 fordert der Kanton Bern für Restaurants die Übermittlung der Kontaktdaten an die kantonale Datenbank.

Weitere Infos

This Is How It Works (Instructions)

1. First create a "Location"

  1. Open the QuickTicket Web-App (

  2. Click on "Create Location"

  3. Give your location a name, select the "Tables" mode and specify the number of tables.

  4. Download the QR code(s) (click on "QR Code"), see step 2

*You don't have a QuickTicket-Account / Subscription yet?

  1. Create your account now and sign in (create account now)

  2. Choose a subscription - you can start for free with the "Free" subscription and upgrade or downgrade at any time.

2. Ask your guests for their details

  1. Place the info sheet with the QR code (see step 1) on the tables

  2. Written on the info sheet, you ask your guests to register

    1. If you have selected "Pass Scan" when exporting the QR code, your guests will receive their personal QuickTicket Pass (and a QR code), which you or your staff can later scan, see steps 3 and 4. Only then will the guests be registered.

    2. If you have selected "Self - Check-In", your guests are now registered without your intervention.



  • You can download the QR code for your own info sheet in the app (open location, click on "QR Code")

  • In most cases, it is sufficient to register one person per group. Please check the current regulations (different for each canton).

  • The registration includes the following information: Name, first name, mobile number and postal code. Depending on cantonal regulations, further information may be required (email, address, birthday). You can determine the required information for any location when downloading the QR code.

For "Self - Check-In" steps 3 and 4 are omitted!

(See step 2.2)

3. Your guests create their pass

  1. Your guests scan the QR code on the info sheet and are re-directed to a form where they are asked to enter their details (once). If they already created a pass in the past, it will be automatically opened and they will not need to fill out the form again.

  2. After that, they receive an SMS with a code that they need to confirm. This verifies their mobile number. The verification SMS are included in the subscription, there are no further costs.

  3. Now they will receive their personal QuickTicket pass (QR code). IMPORTANT: They are not yet registered with you!



  • Your guests can demand their QuickTicket pass at any time on the web app  (

  • Fake Data: Automatic verification steps are built in throughout the first registration process to ensure the accuracy of the information given. This prevents the often occurring declaration of fake data.

  • Once is enough: Once a guest has created their pass, they never have to go through the verification process again. Even if they, for example, change their smartphone, they simply need to open the QuickTicket web app, log in with their mobile number, and just like that they can access their pass again.

4. You do the Check-In / Check-Out

  1. Open your location (see step 1)

  2. Click on "Scan" and scan the pass (QR code) that your guest shows you on their smartphone.

  3. Enter the table number and your guest is automatically registered on your contact list.

  4. When guests leave your location, you check them out. To do so, simply click on "Check out" in the list for the corresponding person/table.



  • When ordering and paying: Ideally your waiter checks in the guests when handing out the menu or taking their order, and later on checks them out when they pay.

  • Overview of available tables: With check-in and check-out, you can see how many tables are available or occupied at the top right of your location's counter at any time.

  • Add manually: If someone can't create a pass (e.g. if they don't have a smartphone), you can also manually register the guest. To do this, click on "Add" at the bottom of the screen.

Export the contact list

  1. In case of a reporting requirement, you can export the entire contact list as an Excel file at any time. To do this, simply click on "Export" (under the location name).



  • Data elimination: 14 days after check-in the registrations are automatically deleted. This makes it possible for you to use the same location over and over again and always have the data of the last 14 days at hand without having to worry about deleting it.