Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Where can I find the app?
QuickTicket is a web app, and therefore not available in the App Stores. It can easily, and without installation, be opened by clicking on this URL: You can then add the QuickTicket app to your home screen and open it from there just like any other app.
Is it possible to overbook an event?
Guests can only register for an event as long as there are free spots available. You as administrator can overbook the event, e.g. if not all registered guests show up and you want to manually register additional guests last minute.
Can I add a "guest counter" to my website?
Yes, within the app you as an administrator can use a widget code, which you can then integrate on your website. The widget will then display the name of the event and the current number of registered guests on your website in real time.

Click here for instructions on how to implement the widget: To the tutorial

Multi-User... Can multiple "Admins" admit the guests?
Yes - and everyone can see when someone else has admitted or added someone in real time! However, multiple logins per account are not (yet) possible, instead you can share your login with your assistants. You can set a password, which will only be available in QuickTicket, under /Account. You can share this password with your assistants and change it at any time. Your assistants can then login using the same email as you and this password.
I don't see the QR Code Scanner...
It is important that the question regarding allowing access to the camera is answered with "Allow". On iPhones it may also be necessary to switch Camera to "Questions" in the settings - Safari/Chrome - if "Reject" is has been previously set.

Questions Regarding the Subscriptions

How can I change my subscription?
You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription to suit your needs in your account settings at any time. Subscription changes are effective immediately, and any cost differences will be reflected in your next subscription invoice. Example: If you upgrade from Lite to Pro within a paid month, you will have immediate access to the Pro features. The remaining duration of the month already paid for as a Lite subscription will be added to the price of the Pro subscription in your next invoice (pro rata temporis). In case of a downgrade, the corresponding amount will be deducted from the next invoice.
How can I cancel my subscription?
Your paid subscription can be cancelled at any time. Until the end of the paid month you will still have full access to all subscription functions. After the end of the subscription period, events that have already been created will be retained, but you will no longer be able to create new events. 14 days after the last event, all event and user data will be deleted automatically.
Do I need a subscription for a one-off event?
Yes, the minimum term is 1 month. But you can buy a subscription and cancel it right away, meaning you pay for exactly 1 month, making it valid for 1 month while not being renewed at the end of the term.

Questions Regarding User Data

What happens with the user data entered by the guests?
The user data is stored in the system for 14 days after the event. During that time period, authorities are entitled to proof regarding the number of guests. After that, the user data, registrations and the event itself will be deleted automatically.
Which user data is saved?
When registering, guests must provide their e-mail address and name. This data is stored, allowing you to see which registered guests actually show up to the event. The data will be saved for 14 days after the event before being automatically deleted. As the organizer, you are obligated to treat this data confidentially and are not allowed to pass it on to third parties.
How can I delete my own user data as a guest?
You can cancel your event registration(s) in the app at any time. Your data will then be irrevocably deleted by the organizer and your spot(s) will be immediately available for other interested parties. The system itself also does this automatically: 14 days after the event, all event data and thus also your user data (name and e-mail) will automatically and irrevocably be deleted. The event organizer is obligated to keep your data confidential and is not allowed to pass it on to third parties.


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